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Featured Partners Currently Streaming Or Syndicating

The EAE Radio Network's Content On Their Website:


WiLD 98.3 Las Vegas

POWER 107.9 Los Angeles

HOT 94.7 Houston

107.1 The Beat Philadelphia

POWER 102.5 New York

Sirius XM Rush

KISS 101.5 Indianapolis (Website/Location)

HOT 94 Miami

HITS 103 Baton Rouge (Website)

HITS 103.9 San Diego (Website/Location)

Cricket Wireless (Location)

Apple - iTunes (Website)

TuneIn (Website)

BEACH 105.1 Daytona (Website/Location)

HITS 103.7 Seattle (Website/Location)

HOT 97 Boston (Website/Location)

Big Brands Entertainment

HITS 102.5 Phoenix

Nielsen BDS (Website)

Hannity (FOX News)

Google Play (Website)

Radio Pushers DJ (Website/Location)

SpinReports.com (Website/Location)

SLANT Corp / Marketing Agency

The FLEX Report (Website)


ALL Weekly (Website)

HUSH! Weekly (Website/Social Media)

KEEPIN' IT MOIST (Website/Social Media)

All Hip Hop (Website)

Hip Hop Weekly (Website)

Amada / Capitol (Website/Location)

KnowAuthentic Media(Website/Location)

E! News (Content Syndication)

CNN (Content Syndication)

PEOPLE MAGAZINE (Content Syndication)

StreamLicensing (Website)

DJ Choice (Social Media/Physical Distribution)

DJ Snow White (Social Media/Physical Distribution)

DJ Paper Planes (Social Media/Physical Distribution)

DJ Price Tag (Social Media/Physical Distribution)

DJ Mellow D (Physical Distribution/Website)

Pandora (Digital Distribution)

Sirius XM (Digital Distribution)

Amazon (Digital Distribution)

Apple Music (Digital Distribution)

TIDAL (Digital Distribution)

Spotify (Digital Distribution)

ALL Music (Digital Distribution)

DEEZER (Digital Distribution)

Shazam (Digital Distribution)

Live Nation (Digital & Physical Distribution)

SoundCloud (Digital Distribution)

VEVO (Digital Distribution)

The HUSH! Agency (Physical Distribution)

The E-man's Angels Model Agency (Physical Distribution)

Click-Mag.com (Website/Social Media)

Blunt-Mag.com (Website/Social Media)

NOPEmagazine.com (Website/Social Media)

MYAmagazine.com (Website/Social Media)

YO-MAG.com (Website/Social Media)

DOPEmuse.com (Website/Social Media)

ScrollReview.com (Website/Social Media)

SLAYMAG.com (Website/Social Media)

BigBrandsMag.com (Website/Social Media)

ICE-MAG.com (Website/Social Media)

LOCKEDMAG.com (Website/Social Media)

TuneSavage.com (Website/Social Media)

TheVTrap.com (Website/Social Media)

GeniusRow.com (Website/Social Media)

TrapTune.com (Website/Social Media)

InTheLoopMag.com (Website/Social Media)

HITS 102.5 Phoenix (Big Brands Media)

BEACH 103.1 Virginia Beach (Big Brands Media)

POWER 103.1 Sacramento (Big Brands Media)

101.7 The Heat Denver (Big Brands Media)

KISS 99.7 San Antonio (Big Brands Media)

K-WAVE 104.3 Cleveland (Big Brands Media)

HOT 97 The Mix Boston (Big Brands Media)

KISS 102.5 Pittsburgh (Big Brands Media)

96.9 The Trap All Hip Hop (Big Brands Media)

HOT 98.7 Detroit (Big Brands Media)

MIX 99.5 Cancun (Big Brands Media)

99.9 Jamz Atlanta (Big Brands Media)

HOT 99.3 Indianapolis (Big Brands Media)

WILD 103.5 Birmingham (Big Brands Media)

KISS 97.9 Nassau (Bahamas) (Big Brands Media)

107.5 The Beat (Big Brands Media)

KISS919.com (KISS 91.9 Atlanta’s New #1 Classic Oldies Station)

KISS939.com (KISS 93.9 Austin’s #1 Hip Hop Station)

KISS913.com (KISS 91.3 Boston’s #1 R&B Station)

WILD919.com (WiLD 91.9 Chicago’s #1 Rock Station)

WILD929.com (WiLD 92.9 The #1 Hip Hop Station In Dallas)

WILD927.com (WiLD 92.7 Denver’s #1 Classic Hip Hop Station)

POWER1023.com (POWER 102.3 Miami’s Greatest Pop Hits)

POWER1027.com (POWER 102.7 New York City’s Gospel Hits)

POWER1045.com (POWER 104.5 Portland’s Greatest Reggae Hits)

1025Thebeat.com (Oklahoma City’s #1 Spot For Hip Hop)

V1079.com (New York City’s #1 Top 40 Station)

V1045.com (Seattle’s #1 Top 40 Hits Station)

V98ATL.com (Atlanta’s #1 Station For Indies)

HITS981.com (Cincinnatti | All The Latest Hits)

HITS983.com (Las Vegas | All The Latest Hits)

HITS985.com (Sacremento| All The Latest Hits)

STAR973.com (Nashville’s New #1 Country Station)

STAR993.com (Charlotte’s New #1 Country Station)

STAR969.com (Milwaukee’s New #1 Country Station)

POP969.com (Houston’s #1 Spot For Today’s Best Pop)

POP979.com (Jacksonville’s #1 Spot For Today’s Best Pop)

POP985.com (Washington DC’s #1 Spot For Today’s Best Pop)

Q1071.com (Jersey Shore’s Best Hip Hop and R&B Hits)

B1079.com (The #1 Pop Station In Los Angeles)

O1079.com (All Classic Oldies, All The Time)

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